Giggle and Riot Funhouse

Giggle & Riot Funhouse offers a fun and interactive pop-up selfie experience featuring different walls and backdrops specially designed to make you look fantastic in your photos or social media posts. Snap photos in our Funhouse and take your Instagram/TikTok game up a few dozen notches!

With the pandemic, it's been a hard year, especially for families. Our mission is to share our creativity and fun with our community. By tapping into our vast photo experience, we hope to bring happiness and joy into the lives of Sacramento families so that everyone can enjoy a socially distanced photo activity for the holidays.

Giggle & Riot Funhouse is conveniently located 5 minutes off the Downtown Sacramento Grid in a historic warehouse in the River District. Nestled in a row of artist studios, the Giggle & Riot Funhouse is a place of creativity, innovation and fun. 




Taking photos and sharing joy with fun, curated backdrops in a Covid-conscious manner. Experience a time of fun and express yourself in our Funhouse while creating memories with your family.


Artists In Residence

We are delighted to feature Maren Conrad as our artist in residence. 

A backdrop by famed mural artist, Maren Conrad, (

Unable To Visit Our Funhouse?

We know the Funhouse is an awesome experience, but we understand that not everyone are able to attend the Funhouse. We created the Mini Virtual Funhouse Experience so that everyone can have a little fun and laughter at home with a selfie!



COVID-19 Measures During During Your visit

Giggle and Riot Funhouse is located inside a clear span 11,000 square feet building with maximum airflow. We are limiting the number of guests in the building so that we stay well under 10% capacity. We take COVID-19 and the safety of our team and guests very seriously. We make sure to follow all county health codes. To ensure safety, the event will practice social distancing, with 15 feet between each setup. At this time, please observe the following COVID-19 measures:

  • All guests must wear masks upon entry to our building and in our waiting area
  • All guests are subject to a temperature check upon entry 
  • All guests must be symptom free for a minimum of 14 days before entering our location
  • Groups are restricted to a maximum of 6 people from 1 household
  • Please observe social distancing. Social distancing markers have been installed for your convenience
  • You must move from set to set only in the order and direction instructed, taking photos at each, without spending more than approximately 5 minutes at each set
  • All entrances and exits are clearly marked and are one directional
  • Groups are allowed into the experience every 20 minutes



Want to bring your pets to the Funhouse? We have designated special Pet Nights just for your furry family!



Giving Back

We believe that it is important to be part of our community. Part of the proceeds will benefit local charity Joshua's House (, a nonprofit focusing on hospice care for the homeless. Additionally, we believe in highlighting the River District and our location to show our guests that even in the most dire area and time, creativity still abounds. We firmly believe in supporting our homeless community and we have chosen our location because of this reason. You might see some of our lesser fortunate street residents on our way to the Funhouse, we are located just one block away from Loaves and Fishes, one of the largest homeless service centers. We would love it if you join us in advocating for the homeless and lesser fortunate.


Professional Photographers

Professional photographers or photoshoots are not allowed during general admission. If you would like to rent the Funhouse for your professional photoshoot, please contact us. Special rates are available.


Private Rental 

Whenever possible following county health COVID-19 guidelines, private rentals and intimate events are available. For more information, please contact us.



1501 N C Street, Sacramento 



Safe street parking is readily available.