Funhouse FAQ

What is the Giggle & Riot Funhouse?
The Giggle & Riot Funhouse is an interactive pop up selfie experience that invites you to journey through different backdrops that have been designed for to step up your selfie game. Perfect for Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok or just your family photos, we invite you to our space while creating family memories

Where is the Funhouse located?
Our address is 1501 N C Street, we are located in a historic warehouse in the Sacramento River District

How do I purchase tickets?
All tickets can be purchased through our webpage:

Can I purchase tickets at the door?
All tickets must be purchased online, in advance

How many people can attend?
Following COVID-19 policies, each group is limited to a maximum of 6 people and 1 household. Groups are scheduled every 20 minutes

How long are we allowed in the Funhouse?
Each group is allowed a total of 60 minutes in the Funhouse and approximately 5 minutes at each backdrop

Is the Funhouse self guided?
Yes! However, we ask that all guests move in one direction and do not revisit the backdrops that you have already passed (one-way only!).  That being said, please be considerate of others enjoying the exhibit. Tripods, external flashes and lights, excessive props, commercial or product shoots, media shoots, press interviews, and all professional video equipment are prohibited without advance approval. 

What are the Funhouse basic rules?
Please refer to our policies and terms on this page:

Do I need to know anything about checking in?
Our team will double check your ticket and your temperature at the door. If your temperature is 100.4° or higher, we will reschedule your visit for another time, free of charge. 

Is the Funhouse kid friendly?
Absolutely, the Funhouse backdrops to be fun and kid friendly

Are Funhouse reservations refundable?
Funhouse reservations are not refundable under any circumstances

Can Funhouse reservations be rescheduled?
Funhouse reservations cannot be rescheduled

What is your Funhouse COVID-19 policy?
Please refer to our COVID-19 policies listed on the following page:

Do you provide hand sanitizer?
ABSOLUTELY! Throughout the experience there are many places to sanitize  your hands

How are you ensuring social distancing?
Groups larger than 6 will be prohibited and there will be markers on the floor to ensure that a safe distance is met. We also ask that you respect others and stay at least 6 feet from other guests

When should we arrive for our Funhouse session?
Please arrive to the Funhouse at least 5 minutes before your reservation

What's the temperature in the Funhouse?
Because the Funhouse is located in an 11,000 square feet historic brick warehouse that is not fully enclosed, temperatures can vary. For this reason, we ask that you dress in layers to keep warm

Can I bring food or drinks?
Sorry no, due to COVID-19 policies and general cleanliness! Food and drinks are not allowed during the experience

Can I bring my dog?
Pets are only allowed on designated pet nights

What if we have more than 6 people in our group?
Please make more than one reservation at consecutive times

Can I rent the Funhouse for an event?
Please contact us for more information

Can I have a photo shoot in the Funhouse?
Please contact us for more information

I am a professional photographer, can I photograph clients in the Funhouse?
If you are a professional photographer and would like to have a photo shoot in the Funhouse, please contact us for more information. Because of time constraints and disinfecting requirements, photographers are subject to different requirements

Can I bring a stroller?
Absolutely, however, we do have 4 steps you must take to get into the Funhouse.

Can we bring props?
Due to COVID-19 county health policies, props are not allowed

Are there any bathrooms?
Bathrooms are accessible only in the waiting area

Is the Funhouse ADA friendly?
Because the Funhouse is housed in a history warehouse, we do not have access to have an official wheelchair ramp. However, we do have an alternate route through our private alley. Should you need ADA access, please alert us before your arrival. Once inside the Funhouse, you will be all good to go!

How does Giggle & Riot give back to the community?
Part of the proceeds will benefit local charities Weave (, a nonprofit organization supporting survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking, and Joshua's House (, a nonprofit focusing on hospice care for the homeless. Part of the proceeds of our dog nights will benefit Front Street Shelter (

Do I have to wear a mask?
Masks must be work upon entering the building and in all waiting areas. Masks can be taken off once you enter the backdrop area with your group. Photographers taking photos of clients must wear masks at all times

Can I suggest a backdrop idea?
Absolutely, please use our contact form to send us suggestions