Curbside Crawl

Curbside Crawl - Sacramento




You feel locked down, but you’re not! Doing your civic duty is one thing; but that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside, drive, have fun and support local businesses! Get a little fresh air and exercise with the Curbside Crawl! We have picked locations that are easy to get to or enjoy from the safety of your car, without walking around. 

It’s like a pub crawl, but you drive and don’t go indoors - or even touch a door handle! Many Sacramento businesses are still offering services: Bakeries are still making delicious croissants, some cafes and restaurants are transformed into bodegas, and you can still buy eggs! 

We need our small, local businesses, they’re a big part of what makes Sactown so delightful; now they need us! We can have fun doing it. After all, a lot of us have a lot of time on our hands these days, and a curbside crawl allows us to get some errands done, take the kids or dog for a walk (near your house), and see some other humans, but from a safe distance. 

Below we have listed a number of small, non-restaurant local businesses we love that are offering online orders and/or curbside pick ups. They’re making it easy for us to patronize them, and we are making it as easy as we can for you.

If you don’t have any shopping to do, there are still many of the things to do that have always made central Sacramento fun! Whether it’s a walk in the park, a stroll by the river front or a driving tour of the core’s beautiful murals, we’ve got it for you!

We’ve created lists for Midtown, Downtown and Oak Park, click on your neighborhood.
Want to support us? Share this list and use #curbsidecrawlsacramento or #curbsidecrawl916.

If you happen to stop by one of the businesses we listed, take a selfie, upload it to social media and use #curbsidecrawlsacramento or #curbsidecrawl916 and the business name.


Curbside Crawl Midtown -
Now Available
Curbside Crawl Downtown -
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Curbside Crawl Oak Park -
Now Available
Curbside Crawl Land Park & Curtis Park - Coming Soon Curbside Crawl East Sac -
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Safety Concerns

Please remember that safe social distancing and shelter in place rules are still in place. If you are waiting in line, please observe a 6 foot radius. Please wear masks and/or protective coverings, refrain from touching your face and wash your hands often. If you are feeling unwell, please stay home and not put others at risk. Remember that you can be infected but not showing symptoms.

Please respect and recognize that all business owners are trying to do their best to keep their place of business sanitized and hygenic.

All points of interests in the Curbside Crawl can be enjoyed from your car. Parks that are listed are open for people to walk or jog in while observing social distancing rules. 

CDC Prevention Guidelines