About Us

Our Mission

To treat clients the way we want to be treated. Create uniquely fun experiences. Build things we want to use. Do it because we love doing it. Give back to our community. Support our friends.

We believe that community comes from sharing, and the best thing to share is fun! Sharing well means happy clients and strong communities; this is what drives us to design innovative experiences and products.

We are makers and artisans, and we use our creativity and crafting know-how to create giggles for families. We are passionate about supporting our community, and other small and independent businesses.

During these unprecedented times, we are dedicated to bringing our community together so that we can all weather this storm together - staying happy during the emergency and emerging from it more united than before!


How it all began...

Giggle & Riot Fun is our creative solution to problems that COVID-19 has presented to our businesses, our employees, our customers and our community. Our goals are to:

  • Weather out the COVID19 pandemic while keeping our staff employed
  • Bring happiness and memories to families by creating Giggle & Riot Funhouse, our fun pop up selfie experience
  • Support our local small business community by creating creative a curbside scavenger hunt
  • Create creative kits and provide fun local experiences for families and people of all ages during shelter in place
  • Bring our local community together in creative, unifying ways
  • Encourage learning, imagination and play in homebound kids through our products kits


All of our products are ethically and locally crafted in Sacramento, California, USA.

Giggle & Riot Fun is a small creative studio based in Sacramento. We design and create uniquely fun interactive experiences and activity kits for all ages. Our products are put together with love and inspired by our own lives and experiences with our loved ones and children in our lives. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, handmade kits to our local families.

We are well aware of the need for safety during this time, so we are strictly observing all the requirements to keep ourselves, our staff and you safe. Our small team has been observing limited social contacts since before it was recommended, and we are keeping everything sanitized as we work. All of our products are sanitary and safe to bring into your home.

We are so passionate about this safety that one of the projects we worked on is making masks and protective shields for doctors and nurses at U.C. Davis Medical Center. A portion of our time (and profits) will go to these brave health care workers, a more important part of the Sacramento community than ever before.


Our pop up selfie funhouse, curbside crawls and photo scavenger hunts are interactive and fun. Our kits are super cute and stylish, and we want them to be enjoyed both by grown ups, families, parents and their little ones.

April 2013

Giggle & Riot Established as a Photo Booth Company

Olin and Josh started Giggle & Riot Funbooths, a photo booth company specializing in tailored photo booth experiences for brands and events.

Giggle & Riot Funbooths

December 2019

Giggle & Riot Funbooths ends 2019 with a bang!

After a successful 2019, Giggle & Riot Funbooths ended the year surpassing our goals with over 350 total events and a team of 15.

Giggle & Riot Funbooths

February 2020


Our photo prop store, GNRMFGCO, launches, focusing on professionally designed PVC printed photo props.


February 2020

First Photobooth Event Cancelled

With the start of COVID19 news and effects, Giggle & Riot Funbooths experiences our first cancelled event. Soon, more events were rescheduling or cancelling.

March 2020

Moratorium On All Events

Due to COVID-19, a moratorium on all events was passed, and all Giggle & Riot Funbooths events were either rescheduled or postponed.

March 2020

Sacramento Shelter In Place

Shelter in place goes into effect in Sacramento County in an attempt to flatten the curve, effectively shutting down Giggle & Riot Funbooths to minimal business only, with a skeleton crew of four.

March 2020

Giggle & Riot Team Starts Making Masks For Medical Professionals

The ladies of the Giggle & Riot team starts voluntarily making masks and shields for medical professionals

Contribute to the GoFundMe campaign

March 2020

Giggle & Riot Fun Is Born

In an attempt to weather the storm, keep our team employed, support our local community and provide a fun experience for our local families, Giggle & Riot Fun is born.  We are passionate about creating experiences and kits for our community.

Giggle & Riot Fun

March 2020

Curbside Crawl - Midtown Launched

As a way to support our local businesses hurt by this pandemic, Giggle & Riot has curated a list of Midtown businesses with curbside pick up. Wanna try our Midtown Curbside Crawl?

Curbside Crawl - Midtown Sacramento

March 2020

Pirate Activity Kit Debuts

Our first activity kit is now available for families in the store! Available for local curbside pickup or shipping. We hope you have fun with our kit!

Pirate Activity Kit

December 2020

Giggle & Riot Funhouse Pops Up

Giggle & Riot Funhouse offers a fun and interactive selfie experience featuring different walls and backdrops specially designed to make you look fantastic in your photos or social media posts. 

Visit The Funhouse